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World Famous

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We Love To Make You Laugh!!

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Unique, Original & Funny

Greet your clients and customers with a dash of humor, and put a smile on their face. Every desk needs a well placed Moodycard!

We Take Office Humor Seriously

With over 20 moods and messages, and the ability to write your own funny comments, Moodycards have entertained offices for nearly a decade.

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Let The Moodycards Do The Talking! 

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Cat Moodycards

The Perfect Office Gift For Cat Lovers. Let The Cats Tell Everyone How YOUR Feeling!

Hilarious and Engaging

Moodycards are an  office gift that brings a touch of humor and playfulness to the workplace, sparking smiles and laughter among your colleagues!

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Dog Moodycards

Our Adorable Loveable Hilarious Doggy Moodycards, Let The Dogs Do The Talking!

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